The brief of the 8 months long project was to create and write our own brief, explore our own interests and do the project from scratch to the very end.
Within this process I conducted an extensive and varied research into my subject of interest - LIGHT. I searched for the potential of this unique and irriplacable phenomena and to do that I created a methodology that best explored the aspects of light that I was most interested in - human perception of light, its psychological and emotional implications on us.
The outcome of my project is a set of four light experience kits that are designed to enable a person to start practicing MINDFULNESS, which is the government approved technique of treatment and prevention of stress, depression and anxiety.
Mindfulness is the complete awareness of ones physical and emotional experiences moment by moment. 

/MARK WILLIAMS, professor of clinical psychology at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre/


This is achieved through engaging them in unique light experiences inspired by natural light phenoena. 

The effect of these kits is accomplished through the impact of the visual stimuli and the engagement of creating the effects - the control over creating the light effects is key.

BA Design degree project.

Final outcomes, kits and photos from the degree show.

Moments of light teaser trailer.

The films outline some possible scenarios of use. They propose that the light kits should be used as a part of their own individual daily routine, within the spaces and times of day accessible and appropriate for their needs.

Representation of Moments of light project development.

This selection of images represent the general influences, outlines the fundament and substence, which shaped my project and lead to the final outcome.

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